Kungfu Star/MartialArts Association have been actively organizing events and activities involved culture, sports, charity that had great positive impact to communities in Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We are a non for profit organization registered at Federal Government of Canada to promote the wonder of martial arts as beautiful art. We are a young organization, but we can! Yes we can, here are some profiles of our talented team !


會長 奧理格 Oleg Chekhter, President:

Oleg is the founder and CEO of Improve Canada that is Canada’s first and largest home improvement mall.
Before Mr. Chekhter immigrated to Canada, worked as a Design Engineer. Mr. Chekhter has been involved in trading businesses since 1994 focused on the supply of Far East Russia fuels to China and to the fishing fleet in Ohotsk and the Bering Sea. Later Mr. Chekhter supplied gasoil to Aleutian Corporation located in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA. Looking for new challenges, it was in the year of 2004 when Mr. Chekhter became passionate about his idea of developing a home improvement centre. In 2009, a new company, Home Direct Inc., was established, and it was later renamed into Improve Inc.


會長 徐澤一 Ken Xu, President:
來自中國山東﹐從小在河南省嵩山少林寺習武,至今已有25年之多,徐澤一是一名少 林寺第三十四代俗家弟子(少林寺法號釋延澤)1998年到北京發展,曾經在國內和國際上參加過很多大型的演出和電影拍攝。2002 年在三亞舉辦的世界小姐選美大賽 与成龍同台演出并且合影等等。2004 年參加了由香港羅氏公司舉辦的《兵馬俑舞台劇》美國和加拿大的巡回演出,留在多倫多至今。





副會長 Dr.Su, Brenda, Vice President:
Brenda Su, PhD, MSc, RNHS, is the Vice President of Research and Academic Exchange. Dr. Su obtained her PhD at Karolinska Institute in Sweden and received a post-doctoral fellowship award from Canadian Blood Services. She is currently a research scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto. Has received the Abstract Travel Award from the American Society of Microbiology, USA and attended presentations around the world including the Nobel Forum 2010, Stockholm Sweden.
Dr. Brenda Bin Su has involved in five grants’ applications as a Co-Investigator, including diabetes, thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer. Four grants have approved and one has just received the Ethics approval. She has also proposed several projects on associations of genetic and epigenetic factors with diseases pathogenesis. She has six peer-review publications, one abstract publication, and submitted several manuscripts since 2014.
Beyond her academic career, Dr. Su continues to promote health and prevention in the UAE as she has been doing in Toronto since 2004. Dr. Su worked as a Deputy Head at the Chinese Learning Center (now called Chinese Learning Institute) before she joined the College of Medicine and Health Sciences in the UAEU. She continues promoting Chinese culture including Chinese language, Chinese elegant dress (Qipao) and health care of Traditional Chinese Medicine including diet therapy and exercise therapy: such as Chinese martial arts. She has prepared presentation on Chinese medicinal cuisine for a Danish company in Dubai. Dr. Su delivered seminars at Al Zahra Hospital and Public Health Institute at the UAEU with a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and Immunology. She encouraged Emirati medical students to educate people for colorectal cancer screening. More than 20 variety subjects on promoting public health Dr. Su has delivered in Toronto since 2004. One of the Awards I received was for community services on disease prevention in 2009, Toronto Canada.


副會長 高木水 Jack Gao, Vice President:
高俊杰,1984年开始师从于形意拳技击家张占魁老先生的徒孙马兴元老师习练形意拳和八卦掌。 三十余年来,练功不辍,对形意拳和八卦掌略有心得。在国内时,长时间替师傅教授学生。2015年在泛美运动会武术比赛中担任裁判,2016年受邀参加加拿大电视台的春节晚会演出。身在异国,近几年来积极参加华人社团的演出,愿为传扬中华武术而尽绵薄之力。





副會長 于浩文 Maggie Yu, Vice President:
Principal of Gallery M2 specialized on original artwork for interior designers & collectors.






副會長 Adela Ilie, Vice President:
Adela Ilie, Vice President of Training, brings with her years of experience in gymnastics as well as being a professional martial arts instructor (Taichi). Adela is a two time winner of Health Qigong international competitions. She finds time in her busy schedule to teach Taichi at Police HQ to ITS personnel.





副會長 Lily Li, Vice President:
Lily Li, an IT professional in fact has been practicing Taichi for many years. She has been teaching Taichi at police ITS Taichi club for two years. Lily started learning sword and Taiji (including Simplified and traditional) in 1991 from a few very good instructors/masters in China. Her last SiFu was Master Xue-Zhi Hu, who is very famous in Shenyang, Northeast of China. His father learnt the Yang style of Taiji from Jian-Hou Yang, one of the sons of the founder of Yang Taiji, Lu-Chan Yang.



副會長 Selena Qi, Vice President:
A Canadian federal government law enforcement officer under The Ministry of National Defense with leadership and people skills. She practices healthy life style, likes Internet marketing and social media.



副會長 太極韻 Sharon Liu, Vice President:
太极韵的创始者Sharon Liu凭着对传统健身方法的崇拜与热情,在万錦及多伦多的各大社区中心一直努力坚持传播古老而又科学的健身方法。 Sharon Liu,义务教授太极多年, 使习练者受益, 并深受参与者好评。 此后Sharon创办了太极韵,并全职推广,教授【八段锦】这一古老而又科学被习练者称之的千年长寿操。 为推广【八段锦】,Sharon先后多次在加拿大移民中心,多伦多大学物理治疗系,以及全球拯救青少年的捐款活动中,以讲座的形式,向听众解释【八段锦】的每个动作要领,功能,作用等等。 本着以传统的健身方法为本,又不失娱乐,开心,全民健身为目的,凭藉着一把太极扇,一段中国功夫,参加了多伦多警察局亚洲文化节开幕式, 加拿大国家电视台,B C 省得火灾募捐义演,密西沙家多元文化节,多伦多皇家艺术团,多伦多华人万人远足团,安大略省帕金森筹款,以及多伦多市政府广场的多元文化快闪,等等形势多样的活动。让更多的人知道,太极不但可以健身,还是一种极好的娱乐方式。 除此之外,连续几年来,义务组织华人参加万晜音乐节,让中华文化溶入当地社区。受到举办方以及万锦市市长的充分肯定。一年一度的国庆节为残疾人献爱心活动,义务奉献的一台演出,也是一年比一年精彩。Sharon Liu 继续信心十足将【八段锦】太极的养身,养心理念推向更多的人。
Since 2013, with her passion and dedication, Sharon Liu has been actively as a volunteer Tai Chi teacher in many community centers in Markham and Toronto. From teaching, she has received a lot of positive feedback from students of all ages and backgrounds. Thereafter she established Fountain of Youth Qi. She is now working full time to promote Eight Silk Brocade – a longevity healing art exercise, hosting presentations at Canada Immigration Centre, University of Toronto, World Life Institute, and Landstars 360 Realty Inc., Brokerage. Mixing fitness and entertainment together, she formed a Tai Chi Fan team. The team has performance in events such as: Toronto Police Asian Culture Festival opening ceremony, Canadian National Television, BC fundraises for to the Alberta Fires Appeal, Mississauga Multicultural Festival, Toronto Royal troupe, Toronto Chinese Hiking Group, Canada-Chinese Women Professors Association, Ontario Parkinson fundraising, and Toronto City Hall Square multicultural flash, etc. Also for several years, Sharon organizes Chinese groups to performance at Markham Music Festival for Chinese culture integration into the local community. Over the years, the program has been affirmed by the mayor of Markham.


副會長 滕忠勤 Harry Teng, Vice President:
Zhongqin Teng, a renowned Canadian Chinese Reporter/Host, began his career as a researcher and writer for Asia Times, a Thailand and Hong Kong based regional English business daily. He joined OMNI TV (formerly CFMT), Rogers in 1997, working as a business reporter/host for the station’s very first Mandarin-language program. Over the 15 years, he has covered a wide range of issues affecting the Chinese-Canadian community and has reported on stories including international and local politics, China Canada trade relations and sport events. After leaving OMNI TV, Zhongqin Teng founded a media company called GTA Chinese Communications. As the principal of GTA Chinese Communications, Harry focuses on delivering media coverage for the Phoenix TV, the largest international Chinese TV network and other organizations that targeting Chinese market in both Canada and China. He also organized several high-profile events in GTA Chinese community over past three years. His expertise spans various media and public relations disciplines including story pitching, publicity to public affairs, bylined article writing, product/service launches and video production.


秘書長 Kevin Ai, Secretary:
Kevin Ai, IT professional, has been practicing Taichi and Healthy Qigong for many years, He has been organizing Taichi class in police ITS Taichi club for two years. His interest includes: Taichi(Chen style), Healthy Qigong (Ba Duan Jin, Yi jin Jing, etc)




司庫 聶榕 Amber Nie, Treasurer:
Currently a student of University of Toronto, Amber is a young leader with multiple talents: in high school she won the second palce in school women’s 100-meter dash in 2012. Later in 2013, she became the vice captain of the school girl basketball team. In 2013, she organized Film Week, directed a microfilm featuring students like herself preparing studying abroad. She won the second place of IB High School Debate Contest in 2013. She received the title of Excellent Class Leader in Huijia Private School in Beijing in 2013 and 2014.


艺术总监 Emily Huang, Art Director:
Emily Huang(筆名 艺飞), 多才多藝, 擅長高级策划, 更是專業艺术评论员,鉴赏家:一个本科毕业就去教本科的青年教师,一个从艺术鉴赏转到商业企划的知识女性。 毕业于中国美术学院美术史论系,受聘于景德镇陶瓷学院美术系,后来就职于浙江大型集团公司任企划经理,获得全国高级策划师称号。 无论何时何地,艺飞一直在研究中西方绘画的异同点,因为毕加索说:“在欧美,我看不到艺术,在中国,才有真正的艺术。” 然而,在国际拍卖场上唱主角的却不是中国的艺术…… 痛心惋惜不是解决之道,我们需要的是行动。
一直以来,艺飞与画家、收藏家,企业家保持着紧密联系,艺飞对艺术有着独特的解读和评价,她希望能够把优秀的华人艺术家,推向国际舞台。 艺飞專于艺术鉴赏培訓, 开发了独一无二教材。專業运作沙龙: 古玩沙龙(古董收藏), 艺术家沙龙(艺术家之间的互动,艺术家与藏家的互动)。
作為一个真诚的鉴赏家, 艺飞說:“艺术家不真诚,你可以不看他,鉴赏家要不真诚,他却能忽悠你。不是忽悠你的感情,就是忽悠你的钱包。你们要找的鉴赏家,就是像我这样的——比你们傻,但是很真诚, 我会用心的去感受艺术家,发掘出好的艺术品,为的就是丰富您的生活,为您的钱包减负。”
Emily Huang is a talented art critic who is specialized in analyzing, interpreting and evaluating arts of Chinese traditional water color, and Western oil painting, both classical and modern artworks. For years she has been working with artwork collectors, exhibitions and salons, she is a specialist with tremendous knowledge and hand on skill of art comparison of Oriental and Western arts, theories, and histories. She graduated a top art university, China Academy of Art, founded in 1928, later teaching at a top ceramic art specialty college in China. Later she also worked as planning manager in a large enterprise, accredited as senior strategist. Emily is a true and sincere critic with unique capacity of art evaluating and analyzing.


理事 Anna Misnik, Director:
A lawyer, Anna has approximately 15 years of legal experience, specializing in government legal fields with a successful track record in management and people skills after she graduated from the Law Faculty of one of the best universities in Russia. When she was a child she attended an art school, gymnastics classes. She studies healthy life style,and practices Health Qigong. She likes traveling, fashion, interior design, social media and Internet marketing. In 2014, she was a judge of the Judging Panel of Beauties of Asia, a well known annual beauties pageant in Toronto. In 2015 and 2016, she was a judge of Miss Maple, one of the largest annual beauties pageant in Toronto by CNTV. She is now the President of Five International Gallery, a Canadian gallery specialized on Caribbean Seas oil paintings.


理事長 聶孟輝 Menghui Nie, Chairman of Board:
Menghui Nie, chair of board. Mr.Nie is the Honorable President of Canada International Wellness Culture Association, CEO of International Asian Interactive Association, and Creative Canada, chair of board.